Meet Our Family!

Meet Our Family!

Hello, and welcome to our site! We're so happy you're here. We wanted to start out by introducing our family to all of you. At Duxbury Beef, it starts and ends with family. All of our favorite memories are made together. We are grateful to welcome you to the club. 

Dale and Sandy

Dale and Sandy met in 1982. It took Dale until 1985 to get Sandy to go out with him, but once they started dating, the rest was history. They were married in 1986. Sandy packed up from near Brookings, SD and moved to Wessington, SD. They have lived in the same home all 36 years of marriage (although the green shag carpet has been removed). Dale has been a rancher all his life, and for the last 36 years, Sandy has been his unfailing support system. They have 3 children, two daughters-in-law, and 4 grandchildren (whom you'll all meet soon). Sandy is an auditor by trade, but her jobs also include ranch chef, bookkeeper, official parts-runner, supportive mom, and the best Nana. Dale manages the ranch full-time, but he also travels the nation fitting cattle at various shows and would do absolutely anything for his kids and grandchildren. They taught their children to work hard, love big, and find joy in the simple things. 


Brady, Danielle, Drew and Zoe


Brady was the first child to join the family in 1989. He graduated from Wessington Springs High School in 2008 and went to South Dakota State University for Ag Education. He teaches Ag Education and coaches FFA to middle and high schoolers, and in 2022, he and his family moved home so he could teach at his alma mater, Wessington Springs High School! Brady married his wife, Danielle, in 2014. They met on Brady's birthday through a mutual friend. Danielle is a counselor by trade, and launched her career and college counseling consultation business, Worthy Work Consulting, in 2022! Brady and Danielle welcomed Drew in 2018 and Zoe in 2020. 


Troy, Casey, Evelyn and Parker

Troy joined Brady in the Duxbury family in 1991. He graduated from Wessington Springs High School in 2010 and went to South Dakota State University for Civil Engineering. Troy has worked for LSC Environmental Products since graduating with his bachelor's degree. He travels the world, offering environmental solutions to landfill and wastewater departments in different countries. Troy and Casey have been dating since 2009. They met through 4H dog and horse showing in Hand County. They were married in 2016. Casey is a veterinarian and practiced in Indiana until 2022, when she and Troy moved back home to Wessington Springs! Troy and Casey welcomed Evelyn in 2019 and Parker in 2021. 



I, Shannon, rounded out the Duxbury family in 1995. I like to think my parents saved the best for last! I graduated from Wessington Springs High School in 2013 and went to South Dakota State University for Animal Science and Biotechnology. I have worked at Trans Ova Genetics since graduating with my bachelor's degrees and currently serve as the Research and Development Coordinator for Trans Ova. In my spare time, I do as much as I can to help the ranch with background work. I help with registrations, breeding decisions, and I now handle the backend side of Duxbury Beef! My favorite job, however, is being an aunt to my perfect nieces and nephews. I love being "Aunt Shan".  


Adam, Whitney, Carson and Harper Haake

While not blood-related, we would be remiss to not mention Adam and his family. Adam has been the ranch's hired man for 7 years, and we are so grateful for him. Adam comes from Winona, MN and found his way to South Dakota through his wife, Whitney. Adam wrestled internationally, and his relationships around the US really kick-started Duxbury Beef. He is passionate, hard-working and kind, and we are so lucky to have him be part of the family. Adam and his family live right on the ranch. Adam's wife, Whitney, is currently in school to become an RN. They have two kids, Carson (6) and Harper (4). 


Thank you for being here! We can't wait to put Duxbury Beef on your tables. 

- Shannon

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